Terms and Conditions


Your contract will be with Bhutan Travel Club (BTC) –  a travel company registered in Bhutan with registration number 1024727 and will be subject to Bhutanese law at all times.


After the proposal is accepted by the client, a deposit is required to finalise the trip. If the client wants BTC to purchase their Bhutan flights, the airfare will also have to be sent so that BTC can purchase the reserved flights before the time limit given by the airline. This must be received within five days of booking to secure a reservation. All balances are due 45 days prior to departure. Special payment policies may apply and will be advised at time of reservation. If payment is not received by the due date, airline and all other reservations shall be cancelled. Bhutan Travel Club, is not responsible for any penalties, fare increases or fees incurred due to late payment.


Payment may be made by wire transfer as per the official procedures of the Government. All payments are directly paid to the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s bank account with Bhutan National Bank. Bhutan National Bank works with numerous Correspondent banks abroad. Please ask a copy of the detailed payment procedures from BTC.



Bhutan’s airlines requires digital passport copies to book flight and the passport copies have to be submitted to the Tourism Council of Bhutan during visa application. Passenger’s passport should have minimum 6 months validity from the time of exit date from Bhutan, and should have sufficient blank pages for visa to be stamped on the passport.  If customers arrive at Bhutan with another passport, or with less than 6 months validty, BTC will not be responsible for penalties.

Names provided to BTC must be an exact match to the passport that will be used during travel. The customer is responsible for all fees and expenses that may be incurred due to an incorrect name, or to the denial of travel due to an incorrect name. A name or any other revision  required for flights and visas shall be liable for $50 per person for name corrections or revisions, in addition to other fees assessed by airlines or other suppliers.

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify current entry requirements and obtain the necessary travel documentation based on the country of origin, destination and any countries in which a stop is scheduled.

An entry visa is required, which BTC will send as an email attachment after 100% deposit is made 45 days prior to arrival. Tourism Council requires each customer to deposit the entire tour payment prior to arrival and then only the Department of Immigration will approve the visas that BTC will apply on the customer’s behalf. As a standard procedure, digital copies of the visa will be sent 2-3 weeks before the arrival date and the customer will have to take a print out of the visa as they will have to show while checking in for their Bhutan flight.  No refund will be issued for losses incurred as a result of failure to obtain or provide required valid documentation.



BTC will assess a fee of $150 for customer-initiated change to the reservation after receipt of payment, and additional airline, hotel and/or supplier fees may also be charged. Any changes in the itinerary will also be subject to availability of hotels and flights. Any change made will result in the reservation being re-priced at the rate in effect at the time of the change. A “name change” constitutes a cancellation and cancellation fees will apply.


For Tours and Treks (As per standard tourism regulations):

• Non-refundable administrative cancellation fee for all cancellations – $100 per individual.
• 100% refund for cancellations made before 60 days prior to trip.
• 75% refund for cancellations made before 45 days prior to trip.
• 50% refund for cancellations made before 30 days prior to trip.
• 25% refund for cancellations made between 14 days – 7 days prior to trip.
• No refunds for trip cancellations made less than 7 days prior to trip
• No refund for No Shows

• If guests do not complete the trek due to personal reasons, there will be no refund. Accommodation & meals will be extra US $ 40/person/night for those nights not used for treks.

• If guests do not complete the trek due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather conditions, there will be no refund. However, accommodation & meals will be provided.

For Flights (Official Policy of Drukair and Bhutan Airlines)

• 90% refund permitted for the ticket cancelled more than 30 days from the first date of travel.
• 75% refund permitted for the ticket cancelled from 10-29 days from the first date of travel.
• 50% refund permitted for the tickets cancelled from 04-09 days from the first date of travel.
• 03 days or less no refund permitted. * Rescheduled ticket not permitted for refund. * For every date change reschedule fee applicable.
• No refund for tickets cancelled on medical grounds.
• Administrative fee of USD 100 applicable per cancellation/reservation amendments/ date change etc.
• No name change permitted once booking is made on the same PNR.
• USD 50 applicable for No Shows, but want to postpone their trip by 6 months.
• Airfares are subject to change.

If you have a policy of insurance you may find that a refund of your losses may be possible.

Once travel has begun, there will be no refunds for any unused or partially used travel component for any reason. While every effort will be made to provide all items on the travel itinerary as booked, BTC reserves the right to cancel or alter any reservation for any reason prior to departure. Should this occur, refunds will be made without any further obligation by BTC.

With respect to the travel arrangements made in connection with this transaction, BTC, represents and acts as agent for disclosed principals and independent contractors, including carriers, transportation companies, tour operators, wholesalers, service companies, hotels, etc. BTC is not responsible or liable for any acts, omissions, financial stability, delays or changes by any of these entities. Neither BTC nor any of its representatives shall be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury, damage to person, property, or otherwise in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any extraordinary circumstances, including but not limited to acts of God, dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery, acts of governments, de jure or de facto, war, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, epidemics, medical quarantines, customs regulations, defaults, delays or cancellations of or changes in itinerary, routing or schedules from any cause beyond the control of BTC, or from any loss or damage resulting from insufficient or improperly issued passports, visas or other documents.


It is occasionally necessary for us to make changes to trips that are already booked. Most of these are minor changes and where we know in advance, we will notify you as soon as possible. Minor changes include change of airline or flight timings of 12 hours or less and a change to accommodation of a similar standard.

It may be necessary to make a major change to your vacation such as offering hotels of a lower standard or a change of destination. In this case, we will do our best to offer you a suitable alternative, with a price refund if appropriate. Some tours may require a minimum number of participants and if that number is not reached, the tour may have to be cancelled or amended. If you are not happy with the alternative offered, we will gladly offer a full refund.



All rates are quoted in U.S. Dollars unless otherwise noted. Rates are subject to change at any time, without notice. BTC reserves the right to make adjustments if a particular rate was incorrectly stated. BTC can guarantee air rates only for reservations paid in full; it is therefore recommended that full payment for air fares be made at time of booking. Airline tickets must be issued to guarantee against rate increases, fuel surcharges and to avoid cancellation of airline reservations. Government and supplier-imposed taxes and fees are subject to increase at any time and are not covered by BTC. Rates do not include Airline baggage or seat assignment fees or other ancillary fees, passport and visa fees, some departure taxes, gratuities, meals, beverages, insurance, telephone calls, additional bedding charges, laundry service, and other miscellaneous charges of a personal nature are not included except where specifically noted.


BTC has no control over and assumes no liability for airline strikes, schedule changes, flight delays, flight cancellations or other airline initiated changes. In the event of such an occurrence, the airline is responsible and will determine what action will be taken.


BTC provides 3-star hotels for standard rates and additional hotel rates will apply if guests chooses to upgrade their hotels to 4 and 5 star hotels. Same with restaurants where clients chooses to dine at a luxury restaurant, then the client will have to pay for their meals directly to the restaurant. Please note that accreditation system of the Govt. is based on our own creteria and star ratings may not necessarily be at par with international ratings.

Facilities, guest services and amenities are provided at the discretion of the hotel and are subject to change without notice. Any additional costs are the responsibility of the customer and are payable directly to the hotel. Room location, connecting rooms and bedding requests are not guaranteed and are based upon availability at time of check in. Hotel descriptions and photos do not necessarily depict the actual room in which guests will be accommodated; maps and images may not be exact or to scale, and are for general description purposes only. Room standards are the sole responsibility of the hotel. Hotel ratings are based on information provided by the hotel and the Tourism Council oc Bhutan.


Baggage checked or carried on board an aircraft are subject to fees based on weight, number and size. All baggage fees are the responsibility of the customer and are payable directly to the supplier. Please contact the supplier for their current baggage policy. BTC is not responsible or liable for any delay, loss or damage to baggage and personal property.


Customers requiring special facilities, services or accommodations must disclose such needs to BTC at time of reservation. Wheelchair-accessible transportation and accommodations may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. Available accommodation standards vary by hotel and are not within the control of BTC.


BTC does not own hotels, airlines and most vehicles used for our trips and they are contracted from other suppliers. The suppliers providing transportation, and accommodations are independent contractors and are not agents, affiliates, representatives or employees of BTC. All documentation, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the Supplier. By utilizing the services of the Suppliers, you agree that BTC shall not be liable for

(1) any accident, loss, injury or damage to you or to those traveling with you in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services or resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions including, but not limited to, negligence, defects in vehicles, equipment malfunction, strikes, “Acts of God,” riots, terrorist acts or threats, wars, acts of governmental authority, theft, delays, weather conditions, environmental conditions, bankruptcy, cancellations or changes in itineraries or schedules or

(2) loss or damage to property or injury to persons, caused by reason of any act or omission, intentional, negligent or otherwise by such third party Suppliers.

The customer contract in use by the airline, when issued, constitutes the sole agreement between you and the airline. BTC reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of the vacation at any time prior to departure or during the course of the vacation. In the unlikely event that the services or accommodations are not available as stated, due to reasons beyond BTC’s control, efforts will be made to provide services or accommodations of equal standard and quality. If you have any reason to complain, please notify the supplier at the time so that matters may be put right at the earliest opportunity. If you remain unhappy please email or telephone us as soon as possible.


By making a reservation, customer acknowledges that in all events BTC shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages and that the sole extent of BTC’s liability, if any, shall never exceed the amount actually paid by customer to Bhutan Travel Club.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to change at any time at BTC’s sole discretion without notice. Any dispute arising out of any vacations offered shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bhutanese law.