Responsible Travel

Mission – Bhutan Travel Club aspires to be a responsible tourism company that is driven to create life-changing holidays whilst ensuring that we have minimal impact on the environment through sustainable tourism practises; support social inclusion and community involvement; and be a positive force in upholding our cultural and natural heritage.

Approach – At Bhutan Travel Club, we have a responsibility to make each and every tour an uplifting experience for all those who are involved – from travellers to all the people they meet along the way, and for all those people work behind the scene to make your dream trip a reality. We believe travel has the power to create life-changing experiences, and we work hard to give back in a number of ways. These are some of our sustainability policies that supports our mission.

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Quality over Quantitiy

We shall not compromise on pricing as we want to focus on quality more than quantity. It is also not allowed for local travel companies to sell tour packages less than the prescribed government tariffs.

Maintain Authenticity and Social Integrity

Market tourism in ways which reflect the natural, cultural and social integrity of our destination, and never indulge in inappropriate forms of tourism like sex tourism and gambling etc. Also we foster ‘Authenticity’ as one of our core values to promote tourism products that have significance to our culture. For example, we do not showcase or demonstrate any religious festival at other times as all festivals in Bhutan are based on astrological calendar.

Adopt equitable business practices

Adopt equitable business practices, pay and charge fair prices, and build partnerships based on trust, reliability and future growth – we clear all our bills upfront or immediately to support our partner hotels and restaurants in doing their businesses and never leave any pending payments.

A team that beats with a same heartbeat

We recruit and employ staff according to national labour standards. All are employees have Pension and Provident Fund accounts with Bhutan Insurance Corporation and salaries are disbursed not later than the 02nd day of the month. Remuneration is also higher than other companies. We pay bonuses to our employees based on annual profit margins.

Empowering and friendly workplace

We have a workplace that is empowering and friendly, which rewards excellence and loyalty. For example, if we get a request for a specific tour guide through word-of-mouth, we pay that particular guide a commission to reward his quality services. We also provide commission to each travel consultant who converts an inquiry into confirmed group. This makes Bhutan Travel Club an employee owned company.

Basic Human Rights in place

We strongly condemn child labour and encourage basic human rights for children and women. Most of our full-time employees are women to advocate gender mainstreaming.

All about saving energy and reducing carbon emissions

We have a policy to be an energy efficient workspace. We only use power-saving lighting, power-saving heaters and cooling devises, one multipurpose printer and photocopier shared by the whole team and as much as possible a paper-less office. Most of our filing are in digital formats.

All our vehicles that are used for tourists are not more than 3 years old to ensure safety and comply with local emission standards.

Supporting local communities and boosting regional economies

Maximize local economic benefits by increasing linkages for our suppliers and reducing leakages, by ensuring that communities are involved in, and benefit from tourism. Bhutan Travel Club is a big promoter of Community-based tourism projects closely work with handpicked farmhouses in Bhutan.

We contribute to Community-based tourism by payingl campsite fees and 5-10% of wages paid for local services are used as Community Development Fund (CDF) used to fund socio-cultural and environmental activities in the communities.

Wherever possible we work with farmers who supply us ponies, firewood, vegetables, dairy products and also handicrafts for sale to our guests. We work with local guides, cooks, dishwashers and local cultural entertainment groups.

Waste Management

On all our trekking tours, it is a mandatory policy of the company to bring back non-degradable waste such as water bottles, plastics, tins etc. All biodegradable waste in designated disposal pits build by the national tourism organisation and the local governments.

Exclusive Plant a Tree activity

We provide ‘Plant-a-tree in Bhutan’ activity to most of our guests who are interested to plant a tree in Bhutan.

Clean-up campaigns

We take part in clean-up campaigns, local trail maintenance activities.

Transport Vehicles meet Emission Standards

All our vehicles that are used for tourists are not more than 5 years old to ensure safety and comply with local emission standards. All vehicles are checked for tire-life and also it is mandatory for all vehicles to have the Fitness Certificates.