What we do

Our expert travel designers, local guides and the entire crew not only possess first-hand knowledge of Bhutan, but also understand the importance of responsible travel. Our crew are entrusted with the sacred responsibility to educate you, entertain you, accompany you and most importantly take care of you while you are here in Bhutan. Watch our film to find out more.

Booking your trip to Bhutan has never been as easy as this. Its just take 4 easy steps to get to Bhutan.

Step 1 - We design bespoke experiences tailored to your exact tastes

It all starts with our expert travel designers taking the time to listen to you, so we fully understand the kind of experience you’re looking for – whether it’s a honeymoon, family vacation or an active holiday such as a trek, or a mountain-biking on Bhutan’s best singletracks, or a motorcycling expedition in Bhutan, we will be using our first-hand knowledge to design the perfect trip for you. Once the outline is ready, we’ll recommend hotels that are the best in the country but if you have your own preferences, we’ll book them accordingly. Every detail of every adventure is tailored to your individual preferences, with flexibility and privacy guaranteed.

Step 2- We take care of every detail so you don't have to worry

Once you are happy with our proposal and offer, we’ll then need your travel dates and flight sectors to book your Bhutan flights. For this we will need your digital passport copies. Once the fights are booked we’ll assign our capable tour leaders, vehicles and all aspects of your trip are arranged. If you are on a trek, we have the best equipment in Bhutan as we are a trekking specialist.  A dedicated support team help ensure you get the exciting, inspiring, hassle-free trip you deserve. We can also use our purchasing power and local contacts to secure last-minute availability and VIP access if required. Once everything is booked, we’ll send your our Pre-departure Guide with necessary information to prepare for your Bhutan trip.

Step 3- All about Payment and Trip Finalization

Tourism regulations require all payments to be wired prior to your arrival. Payments have to be made directly to the Govt. through various correspondent banks in your country or region (please ask for the procedures by email). If your trip is more than 5 months, you can send it in two instalment of 50% each. In this case the second instalment is due 45 days prior to arrival. Payments typically take 1-3 working days and once the first instalment comes, we’ll purchase your flights and pay the hotels some advance to secure all bookings. Once the entire tour funds are deposited with the Tourism Council of Bhutan, the Immigration Department will issue your visas which we’ll apply for you. Note that you will get your visa 100% if you have booked your trip. We’ll then send the visas by email attachment and all you have to do is print it and board your flight to Bhutan.

Step 4- Arrival and Trip Execution.

Once you have your e-visas and flights printed, board your flight to Bhutan for a spectacular landing experience in Bhutan. After presenting your visa, the Immigration officials will stamp your visa on the passport. Before you exit the airport, you might want to withdraw some local currency from an ATM. Our charismatic and capable tour leader will be waiting for you outside and airport with a private car and chauffeur. After the welcome ceremony, you are official in Bhutan. We try to be as comforting as possible by understanding your preferences. We understand that some of you may not be use to guided tours, but think of our tour leaders as travel companion and new friends. They are sincere, honest and the most caring people you’ll ever come across in your life.  We guarantee you, they will change your perceptions of guided tours. We try to be as flexible on the go. Get up early, stay out late, take your time sightseeing or relax over a leisurely dinner – it’s all up to you.

Step 5- Unparalled Support and Goodwill

Things can go wrong, it’s how we deal with these situations which really sets us apart.

Should anything dramatic take place (like your sciatic nerve starts acting up!) and you can’t go on holiday we offer a) deferral to a later date, b) an alternative holiday of similar standing or c) a refund as per our cancellation policy. Bhutan tourism regulations were set by enlightened Kings and it works like an Insurance company for you. All funds go directly to the Tourism Council of Bhutan (national tourism office), and they hold all payments until the tours are successfully executed. We have no access or control of your money until then. In case of a refund, we’ll have to request the Government. to refund you back.

If you were on holiday and stranded, or you scratched your leg during a motorcycle ride, we have a duty of care towards you. We can send you referrals to those clients we’ve helped in such incidences. We really try to be your local travel agency as if our office is just downtown in your home town. Book directly with us, and get world-class service for much less money than you’d otherwise pay to your local travel agency.